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Slovak hovawart club


Slovak hovawart club (SHK) acts as an interest group of citizens, whose objective isto control the breeding of hovawarts in Slovakia.

SHK is a member of Slovak Cynological Union(SKJ), International Cynological Federation (FCI), International HovawartFe deration (IHF) and Sports cynologyfederation (ZSK).

Anybody can become a member of SHK based on an application, disregarding whether he owns a hovawart. Hovawart breeders organized in clubs which are not member clubs of FCI and IHF cannot become SHK members.

Membership in SHK is a precondition for obtaining certificates of origin for puppies. Each SHK member is in the breeding obliged to comply with the provisions of Breeding Regulations, issued by SHK.

SHK organizes twice a year training camps, a club show and a special show. It also organizes outlets of young hovawarts and breeding tests, which area precondition for inclusion of a dog / a bitch in breeding.

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